Heads and Bodies
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  • Heads for 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' width:841;;height:400
  • Silicone Newborn Sleeping Baby width:400;;height:266
  • Silicone Full Body New Born width:245;;height:400
  • Decomposed 4 Year Old Child Hands for 'House M.D' width:400;;height:300
  • Decomposed 4 Year Old Child Head for 'House M.D' width:400;;height:334
  • Body Found in Bathtub of Lye for 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' width:400;;height:231
  • Silicone Head Likeness Pull Over Mask for 'Undercovers' width:388;;height:400
  • Silicone Head Likeness Pull Over Mask for 'Undercovers' width:276;;height:400
  • Drowned Body 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' width:400;;height:266
  • Severed Female Torso width:300;;height:400
  • Silicone Body for 'Wizard of Gore' with Pop Off Head Mechanism width:400;;height:326
  • Silicone Head for in House Project width:314;;height:400
  • Decomposed Female for 'Law & Order': Los Angeles' width:398;;height:400
  • Cricket Exploding Head for 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' width:281;;height:400
  • Segmented Severed Head width:400;;height:297
  • Silicone Hands to Light On Fire width:371;;height:400
  • Pregnant Belly Insert for 'House M.D' width:400;;height:129
  •  Severed Head and Neck Stump Gag width:345;;height:400
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Heads and bodies