Specialty Props
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  • 'Killer Klown' Ice Cream Truck Reproduction width:266;;height:400
  • Mechanical Box for 'Night Train' width:400;;height:266
  • 'Killer Klown' Reproduction Popcorn Gun width:400;;height:266
  • 'Killer Klown' Reproduction Pistol width:600;;height:400
  • Crash Test Dummy Heads for Mercedes Benz Campaign width:400;;height:315
  • Cocoon Pods for 'Race to Witch Mountain' width:600;;height:400
  • Installed Cocoons for 'Race to Witch Mountain' width:266;;height:400
  • Mechanical Exploding Chest Gag for Spike 'Scream Awards' width:317;;height:400
  • Crushable Skulls for 'Terminator: Salvation' width:400;;height:200
  • Crushable Rib Cages for 'Terminator: Salvation' width:600;;height:400
  • Crystal Whale Prop for 'Brothers and Sisters' width:400;;height:266
  • Mechanical Acrocanthosaurus Claws for 'Mega Beast' width:600;;height:400
  • Alien Egg for 'Scare Tactics' width:266;;height:400
  • Tomahawk Reproductions width:387;;height:400
  • Chrome Falcon Back width:400;;height:195
  • Chrome Falcon Profile width:202;;height:400
  • Chrome Falcon Trainer Mask width:320;;height:400
  • Full Chrome Falcone width:400;;height:236
  • Chrome Falcon Mounted On Rig width:400;;height:245
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