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  • Female Autopsy Body for 'House M.D' width:845;;height:400
  • Mechanical Healthy Lungs for 'House M.D' width:400;;height:230
  • Promo Prosthetic for 'House M.D' width:337;;height:400
  • Dave Mathews Heads for 'House M.D' width:400;;height:249
  • Stapled Laceration width:600;;height:400
  • Female Torso Surgery Gag width:400;;height:318
  • Brain 'Cap' for 'House M.D' width:400;;height:266
  • Open Heart Surgery Rig for 'House M.D.' width:400;;height:300
  • Silicone Hearts width:400;;height:315
  • Open Body Cavity for TNT's 'Heartland' width:298;;height:400
  • Silicone Heart and Lung Rig for 'Heartland' width:290;;height:400
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