Pam and Tommy, as portrayed by Lily James and Sebastian Stan (photo credit ERIN SIMKIN, Hulu)

“The couple was media catnip then and should be again.”


In CNN’s review, ‘Pam & Tommy’ blends nostalgia with amazing makeup to create a two-in-one miniseries, Brian Lowry states, “Once you get past the astonishing makeup and prosthetics, “Pam & Tommy” essentially functions as two miniseries in one, the first devoted to the central couple, and the latter to the hapless guy who turned them into a pioneering Internet sensation.”

Let’s pause for a moment on that. “ASTONISHING MAKEUP AND PROSTHETICS…” Thanks CNN! We seriously appreciate the international cable news network mention! THIS IS HUGE FOR US.

And Lowry is right. The effects are astonishing, as is Lily James’ adept portrayal of the infamous and remarkable Pamela Anderson. Lowry goes on to entice us with tidbits about the story behind the story; the contextual history of the sex tape theft. Plus, wild details of the couple’s erotic relationship, talking penises (weird), the blossoming era of internet commerce, buying porn on VHS through the mail (even weirder), and more!

Special makeup effects and prosthetics designer Jason Collins and his team at Autonomous F/X are responsible for the suite of prosthetics created to accomplish this project. Including,  “65 to 70 Pam foreheads throughout shooting,” plus “approximately 45 to 50 breast prosthetics,” says Collins.

But don’t take our word for it. Read more and see more for yourself!