Lily James as Pamela Anderson in Hulu’s new limited series Pam & Tommy (photo credit ERICA PARISE, Hulu)

“The history of the stolen sex tape that changed pop culture.”

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were on top of their worlds: Baywatch, Mötley Crüe, Malibu Mansions and gobs of live-life-on-a-whim kind of cash.

Then, they got married.
Then, they made a sex tape.
Then, the tape got stolen.
Then, the internet.

Elisabeth Vincentelli of the New York Times details the story of Pam and Tommy in her article ‘Pam & Tommy’: A Story of Sex, Crimes and Videotape.

The eight-part series on Hulu takes us through the glam, the nightclubs, the palaces and the porn world of the mid-1990’s. All the while attempting a moral rectification on the events of the day, shining light upon some glaring disparities. Particularly, the vilification of Anderson as slut, versus Lee’s exaltation to sex god.

Some repairs are being attempted to reset the vastly divergent public perspectives on how Anderson and Lee lived through the events. And this effort comes quite clearly from both Lily James and Sebastian Stan as ‘Pam and Tommy,’ but also from the creative team of hair, make-up and prosthetics designers that delivered meticulous character renditions that withstand any scrutiny.

Read more about the origin, the sleaziness, the allegiances, the essence of the era, and also the awesome transformative skills that brought this story to screen. Vincentelli’s review does justice to many unknown aspects of the production, both in historical context and in technical achievement.