Character Design
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  • Concept for Unproduced Project width:320;;height:400
  • Steam Punk Arm Mechanical Design width:320;;height:400
  • Big Bad Wolf Original Design width:338;;height:400
  • 'Priest' Concept Art width:310;;height:400
  • 'The Hanging Prisoner' width:319;;height:400
  • 'The Crawler' (unproduced project) width:400;;height:267
  • 'The Crawler 2' width:400;;height:219
  • The Demon width:400;;height:325
  • 'The Dead Nun' Version 1 width:320;;height:400
  • 'The Dead Nun' Version 1 width:296;;height:400
  • 'The Conquistador' width:325;;height:400
  • Jake Busy Age Designs (digital) width:311;;height:400
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