Creative Visual Innovators

Since 2005 Autonomous FX, Inc. has been creating unique makeup and animatronic effects under the creative supervision of owner Jason Collins.

Throughout these years and projects we’ve been able to carve out a visual niche of our own in a competitive landscape.  We do this by having the sole belief that our craft is a powerful tool in helping visually articulate the word on the page or an abstract concept.  Through innovation, changing technologies and tightening budgets we work with every department to make sure the creative idea is expressed to its fullest potential.  We believe that in order for an idea to really work it takes a team.

Jason Collins and Autonomous FX, Inc. have had the honor of winning two Makeup Artists and Hairstylist Guild Awards for Best Make up presented by Local 706 (Makeup Artist and Hairstylist guild).  We’ve also been honored to receive two Screamfest Awards for Best Make up for a feature film.


Owner and Designer Autonomous F/X, Inc.

Jason’s obsession with makeup effects began at the age of 13. Taking notice of his fascination with horror films his mother took him to a magic store where he found makeup books and supplies to fuel the fire. Throughout his teenage years he indoctrinated all of his friends and family to be his Guinee pigs while he furthered his education which mostly compromised of guess work. He believes they all mad it through with their skin intact.

Working his way through other makeup effects studios he started his own, Autonomous F/X, Inc. in 2005. Throughout the years he’s made a name for himself with the quality and diversity of the work with tight time constraints.

Jason has received two Screamfest awards and two Makeup and Hairstylist Guild Awards for his work over the years.


Studio Coordinator Autonomous F/X, Inc.

Mike McCarty has been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years working as a makeup fx artist, painter and show supervisor. With almost 200 film credits on his resume, he has worked on set with some of the worlds top directors and producers. He met Jason years ago at an FX shop where they got the chance to work on many projects together and became fast friends.

Mike’s list of credits include films like Sin City 1 and 2, The Mist, Hostel part 2, Piranha 3D, Horns, The Book of Eli, Maniac, The Spy Kids series, etc. In 2016 he joined forces with Jason at Autonomous as the studio supervisor and he couldn’t be happier. He is also a member of the Horror Writers Association with a number of published short stories and one novel that is the start of a series.

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