The Maze Runner

We were fortunate to work on Wes Ball’s amazing adaption of ‘The Maze Runner’ for Twentieth Century Fox. The Grievers were a nasty little creature that lived and killed the boys trapped in the maze. For this film we created half of a full scale Griever with mechanical movements and close up pieces while interacting with the actors. In addition when the Grievers sting they leave a nasty bite which causes the victim to slowly deteriorate as the infection spreads.

We had 5 weeks and our crew consisted of 20 employees. Utilizing a mixture of old school model building and kit bashing to create the masters for the Griever legs gave them a textured mechanical look. We shot this film in a converted Sam’s Club warehouse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the summer of 2013. Shooting in the southern summer heat is always difficult especially dealing with prosthetics though anytime you can do creature work is a good time!