Goofy Alien creature for a commercial2017-02-28T14:57:53-08:00
Alien for the WB series ‘Supergirl’2017-02-28T14:56:48-08:00
Rat Dwarf character for ‘Dell’ computer commercial2017-02-07T13:40:52-08:00
Phone tumor with working lights created for a short film2017-02-07T13:39:45-08:00
Oversized legs created for an Editorial2017-02-07T13:38:48-08:00
Oversized arms created for Editorial2017-02-07T13:37:46-08:00
Nurse mask created for an Editorial blood drive ad for Lionsgate Films2017-02-07T13:36:51-08:00
‘Kuhn’ silicone makeup and eyepiece created for the WB series ‘Supergirl’2017-02-07T13:36:02-08:00
Eye in hand appliance for the Disney series ‘Mighty Med’2017-02-07T13:35:17-08:00
Elf Princess for ‘Dell’ Computer commercial2017-02-07T13:34:28-08:00
Elf makeup for a JC Penny Christmas commercial2017-02-07T13:33:35-08:00

Jason, Mike and the crew at Autonomous have been, and continue to be, excellent partners in creating the world of Stan Against Evil. And when I say obscure stuff like, “It should have sort of a Paul Blaisdell feel,” they instantly know what I’m talking about.

DANA GOULD, Writer/Producer ‘The Simpsons’ & ‘Stan Against Evil’

Jason and his team understand that creativity trumps all, while always understanding the budget and schedule. I love working with them.

FRANK SCHERMA, Producer ‘Stan Against Evil’/ President of Radical Media

Over the course of my many experiences with Jason Collins and Autonomous masterminding the prosthetic and creature effects on my shows I am his biggest fan. His artistry, ingenuity and knowledge seem to know no boundaries. Also, he is a helluva lot of fun to work with!

JILL DANTON, Producer ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’, ‘Law and Order: Los Angeles’ and ‘Star Trek: Discovery