Pamela Anderson, and Lily James after a remarkable transformation (photo credit ERICA PARISE/Hulu)

“Lily James is busting out.”


The New York Post recently spoke with special makeup effects and prosthetics designer Jason Collins of Autonomous F/X for their article, How the ‘Pam & Tommy’ glam squad perfected Lily James’ fake breasts. In the piece Collins details how Lily James and Sebastian Stan were amazingly transformed into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the new Pam and Tommy series now streaming on Hulu.

“We painstakingly went back and forth and resculpted Pamela’s breasts at least three or four times in order to get them just right,” Collins told The Post.

It was a daunting task at first for all hair and makeup effects team members. But they knew they nailed it when a crew member nearly fell off the back of a truck while admiring James’ faux cleavage.

The breasts “tastefully reflect Pam’s beauty and Lily’s work as an actor,” said Collins. And James never exposed herself. She always wore prosthetics including additional effects of a silicone forehead to modify her hairline and eyebrows, and prosthetic teeth to mirror Anderson’s signature smile and pout. The daily transformation effort for James was a four-hour metamorphosis into Anderson.

In some scenes Sebastian Stan wore an animatronic penis and pierced prosthetic nipples. Plus, 30 temporary tattoos that took about a month to research, prep and even slightly modify (for legal purposes.) The daily application process was a minimum 2-hour affair and achieved a perfect fit.

James also wore 4 different custom wigs, costing between $8,000 and $16,000 each. These helped avoid dying and damaging the actress’s own hair with the rigorous styling routine performed throughout the shoot. And Stan did not wear a wig, but underwent a Brazilian smoothing treatment for a straighter texture.