Transforming James Was a Career-defining Challenge and Dream Project

Vogue Magazine contributor Lauren Valenti once dressed up as Pamela Anderson for Halloween, so she maintains a healthy respect for the immensity of the undertaking. And this kindles a reverence for actor Lily James, who by now we've all seen in the viral imagery, is an amazing doppelgänger for the iconic bombshell in Pam and Tommy.

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VIDEO: Discussing the Iconic Looks of Pam and Tommy in the Look Behind the Look Podcast With Tiffany Bartok

Tiffany Bartok explores the inspired looks, the design challenges and triumphs (in realism along with some absurdism), the collaborative team dynamics of the broader crew, plus more with special makeup effects designer Jason Collins, make-up department head David Williams and hair department head Barry Lee Moe.

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CNN reports, “Astonishing Makeup and Prosthetics”

In CNN's review, 'Pam & Tommy' blends nostalgia with amazing makeup to create a two-in-one miniseries, Brian Lowry states, “Once you get past the astonishing makeup and prosthetics, "Pam & Tommy" essentially functions as two miniseries in one, the first devoted to the central couple, and the latter to the hapless guy who turned them into a pioneering Internet sensation.”

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Is Hollywood Amidst A Prosthetic Penis Craze?

While casual male nudity in film and TV is nothing new, more prominent appearances of bare penises are experiencing an upturn of late. “I do think that the culture and the zeitgeist are changing with regards to what's taboo and what's not taboo anymore. Frankly, it's about time for all that,” says Collins.

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