Lily James as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy (photo credit Hulu)

“Becoming her is a true endeavor.”

Vogue Magazine contributor Lauren Valenti once dressed up as Pamela Anderson for Halloween, so she maintains a healthy respect for the immensity of the undertaking. And this kindles a reverence in Valenti for actor Lily James, who by now we’ve all seen in the viral imagery, is an amazing doppelgänger for the iconic bombshell in Pam and Tommy. And, who willingly underwent this daily hair and make-up transformation affair for more than 4 hours a day and for five full months of production!

Thanks to the wildly talented ‘glam’ team of special makeup effects designer Jason Collins, make-up department head David Williams, and hair department head Barry Lee Moe, Pamela Anderson has been carefully recreated in James. And Ms. Valenti speaks with the team to explore their meticulous and painstaking processes taken with James in her recent article, How Lily James Transformed Into Pamela Anderson for Pam & Tommy.